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"We are perfectionists, and will work hard without intruding to create your perfect wedding day memories." - Lester & Natalie

Wedding Video Portfolio - Rachel & Glenn

The bride & groom said:

"We have just received our wedding video back and are totally bowled over. The quality of footage is stunning, notably better than Blu-Ray's normally are and the content is amazing. We really can't believe what they managed to capture, particularly given how little they imposed on our wedding day. Lester and Natalie were so subtle in their set-up and filming that the Bride didn't realise the ceremony was even filmed! We have seen parts of our wedding that we missed and now get to enjoy our big day whenever we want, we just can't stop watching it such is the quality of the edit. Having sat through many awful wedding videos in the past we nearly didn't get our big day filmed but having been bowled over by the work we saw from Ocean 7 we decided to make the investment and couldn't be more glad we did. Ocean 7 don't produce wedding videos in the normal sense, they provide a work of cinematic art lovingly filmed and thoughtfully edited; if they are free on your big day book them. "

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Wedding videos Weddings are very special and a day to be remembered by the couple and everyone else who participated in making it special. It is for this reason that couples spend a lot of money on the best wedding videographer so that their wedding video is exceptional. The video is expected to capture every detail of the day from the beginning to the end for the benefit of the couple. There are two distinct styles that are used in the filming of wedding videos and they include cinematic as well as documentary. These two video styles are different in the features that they offer a couple that is seeking to have their day captured in a way that they love. The documentary style of wedding videos is more intimate and has less shots that are staged which are makes the video more natural in its flow. It is ideal for couples that want their day captured in detail and these details evident in the final video that is presented to them. On the other hand, the cinematic style is also a favourite style of wedding videos that introduces various camera angles with the inclusion of special effects. The final wedding video will resemble a movie with camera shots that make it look unique and well thought out. Elements of a good wedding video Wedding videos are an integral part of any wedding day and should not be neglected when allocating funds to a variety of wedding vendors. It is therefore important to hire professionals to shoot the video so that the result is high end and satisfactory. Some of the elements of wedding videos that will ensure that they are high quality include: First, it is important to hire a wedding videographer that has a lot of experience shooting different types of wedding videos. They should also be reliable and are able to come up with videos that are outstanding and unique to a couple. There are a number of videographers online that specialise in shooting wedding videos, and so it is important for a couple to select the best so that their wedding video is guaranteed to be high quality. Second, a good wedding video should be able to capture all the guests as well as family members who made the day special for the couple. It is important for couples to stress the need for guests to be included in the video in a good way so that they are able to see everyone that made it to their wedding. The shots may be up close especially in the parts of the wedding where they are participating such as when they are making toasts among others. Such shots are what most couples cherish every time they watch their wedding video together or with their friends or family. Third, the sound quality of wedding videos also determines whether they are good or not. It is important that the shots captured are of quality but with a bad sound, the whole video is ruined. Therefore, it is important that there is a good balance between sound quality as well video images that are seen on the screen for the wedding video to be great. Lastly, the theme of the wedding should also be captured in a good wedding video so that all the work put into the decor and the arrangements are seen. In case the theme transcends into the dressing of the guests and the bridal party, then it should be captured well in the wedding video to make it unique.