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Importance of good wedding videos Although, planning for a wedding can seem to be a daunting task especially when it comes to finances, it is important to invest in a good wedding videographer. The final result of a wedding video heavily depends on the videographer and their experience in capturing the event of the day in much detail as possible. The importance of having a wedding video that is exceptional cannot be underestimated as it has the following benefits: First, wedding videos that are shot well are able to document the whole day from the preparation of the bride and groom to the tossing of the flower bouquet that signifies the end of most weddings. The video captures all the details in a way that makes the couple see their wedding day from an angle that they could not on the particular day. Second, a good wedding video gives the couple an opportunity to relive their day as much as they want, while making note of the people that came to enjoy it with them. The moments captured on the wedding day remain cherished in the hearts of the couple as they see how the day turned out well. Third, videos that capture the wedding day in various angles allow those watching to follow the events of the day in a more systematic manner than they did on the actual day. They are able to see and hear intimate conversations as well as gestures that may have not been obvious on the wedding day. A good wedding video goes beyond the usual shots to bring out moments that the couple would consider as one of a kind. Lastly, good wedding videos last for a long time because of the work that was put into them by a skilled videographer. The video is likely to be a timeless classic because of the professionalism that was used to capture the shots of the day and the editing as well. It is therefore, important to hire a professional for the end result to be a good video that will transcend time and new video styles. Lush Wedding films see the importance of wedding videos as a keepsake for many generations to come and also a way through which couples can reminisce on one of the best days of their lives. We are able to capture a couple’s wedding day in a way that ensures that every time they watch their wedding video, they will feel as in love as they were on that special day.