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"We are perfectionists, and will work hard without intruding to create your perfect wedding day memories." - Lester & Natalie

Wedding Video Portfolio - Becci & Tom

The bride & groom said:

"Dear Lester, Linda & Natalie, Apologies for taking so long to put finger to screen but just the hugest thank you for your all round amazing-ness! We were in 2 minds about having the day recorded but I now can't imagine not having our Dvd's. I have watched the clip about 100 times, just watching those 3 minutes, makes my heart sing. Watching the DVD has brought so many smiles to our friends & families...guess what they're all getting for Christmas ;-) Lester and Natalie were an absolute pleasure, and when I was about ready to throw a complete hissy fit Natalie jumped in and saved a few of my guests getting the wrath of a rather emotional bride. She didn't have to do that, and I am so grateful for going beyond what we expected. Hearing my terrible singing in church, the speeches and just catching all the things we missed have been brilliant, and just re-living the day whenever we want to is priceless. Thank you so much for this, we love it!!! All the best, Bex & Tom "

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Wedding videography In simple terms, wedding videography is a type of video production which captures the events of a wedding, with the final result being a wedding video. Wedding videography has been in existence for many decades with most of the weddings documented in earlier times being restricted to the rich because of the equipment that was used. However, as video recording equipment became easier to find and also improved, more people invested in wedding videography so as to ensure that their special day was covered. The filming of wedding videos has also evolved over the years with many video styles being introduced to be able to improve the way the videos are shot for the benefit of the couple getting married. Wedding videography is done in different styles depending on the preference of the couple and what they envision the final video to look like. The most common styles are cinematic and documentary style but there are others that are becoming popular as well and they include storytelling, traditional and short form. A wedding videographer may choose to use only one of these styles in the production of a wedding video but majority of them use more than one style in order to come up with an outstanding wedding video. At Lush Wedding Films we use a blend of professional videography styles to provide the perfect memory of your weding day.