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"We are perfectionists, and will work hard without intruding to create your perfect wedding day memories." - Lester & Natalie

Wedding Video Portfolio - ELINA & NICHOLAS

The bride & groom said:

"We have just watched the whole video and it is truly amazing!! Thank you so much, we couldn't have asked for a better video of the day!! Kind Regards, Elina & Nicholas "

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Advantages of good wedding videography Wedding videography is an important aspect of a wedding especially for the couple getting married because their special moments are captured in film. It is advisable that soon to be married couples invest in good videography if they are to see their day in high quality images. Some of the benefits of good wedding videography include: • The final product, which is the wedding video, will include all the important elements that help to capture the events of the day in a professional as well as artistic way. • The sound quality as well as video captured on the wedding day is usually of high quality which makes watching the wedding video much more interesting and special for the couple. • Good wedding videography gives the couple the confidence to share their wedding video to their friends as well as family. It allows them to see the events of the wedding that they may have missed out on, but now captured in a professional manner by an experienced wedding videographer. • Investing in wedding videography allows a couple to relieve their special day as much as they want without getting bored. The same goes for their friends or family that may watch the wedding video with them more than once. All in all, good wedding videography is an investment that couples should not neglect as many have regretted not doing so, yet the day cannot be repeated. Lush Wedding films provide wedding videography services that are professional and satisfactory to most of their clients. We are experienced in different styles of video production and use modern equipment in capturing the events of the day in the best way possible so that the final result is of quality and remains timeless as the years go by for the married couple.