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"We are perfectionists, and will work hard without intruding to create your perfect wedding day memories." - Lester & Natalie

Wedding Video Portfolio - Stevie & Nicola

The bride & groom said:

"Hi Lester, We have finally returned and watched the wedding video and absolutely LOVE it! It is everything we hoped of and more! Were so pleased fate went our way and we booked you because it was definitely the best decision we actually made out of everything we chose for the Wedding. Thanks to your experience ,kindness and extensively pro equipment we have the best memories to treasure forever. On the day we missed so much so being able to watch it at that level of quality is so special as it helps fill in the gaps and make us feel like we have got even more from the day. We are now going to have set up a family night or several family nights so everyone can see it, re-live the day and be wow'ed with how fantastically you have put it together. Its is simply, incredible! Thanks from both of us more than words can express! Stevie and Nicola! "

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Wedding Ideas The dream of many couples is to have a unique wedding that reflects their personality and is enjoyed by their guests. However, with so many wedding ideas available, it makes it hard for some to settle on the ones that they consider the best. Ideas for weddings are varied with some being traditional, modern and some being weird depending on the person adopting them into their wedding. Even so, it is important for a couple to only choose ideas that they are comfortable with or those that have some meaning in their lives. It is even possible to incorporate ideas from different times in history to make the wedding much more unique than sticking to a particular theme. Wedding ideas can vary depending on the budget of the wedding because there are some that are quite costly. As the ideas become more unique they may need a lot of effort to execute as well as funds that should be included in the wedding. However, if the budget can afford to cater for the expensive ideas then the couple should go ahead and have them at the wedding. On the other hand, couples that would like to integrate ideas that are unique for their wedding but have a limited budget can still do so, through DIY projects. There are many ideas that can be customized to fit the budget of any couple and still give an excellent outlook at the wedding. How to find unique wedding ideas Although, having a wedding that is talked about for months to come is something every couple wants, it is always challenging to come up with ideas to make sure that it stands out from the rest. Many couples struggle with finding unique ideas and decide to go with the ordinary ones even though they may have wanted a different kind of wedding. However, there are a number of ways that couples can be able to find wedding ideas to incorporate into their day and they include: Wedding-related websites – The internet has become an important resource for many people as it has information on different topics. Weddings and wedding planning are not left behind with many websites being put up that focus solely on this special day for couples worldwide. Therefore, these wedding-related websites should be the first place to turn to when seeking wedding ideas to make a wedding unique. There are a number of websites that provide wonderful ideas to couples on the ideas they should adopt and also the ones that other couples have used successfully. Wedding books – These are also a good place to try and find ideas for weddings as they showcase a variety of weddings. Books on weddings cab be bought at local stores and can be the source of extraordinary ideas that will definitely make any wedding stand out. In addition, there are e-books on weddings that are available online at a cost or even free depending on the website that is giving them put. These e-books can also be a source of unique ideas for any type of wedding around the world.