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Planning a wedding As soon as an engagement is announced, the planning of the wedding begins with many brides taking the driver’s seat with support from their soon to be husband. The process of planning a wedding begins months or even a year earlier to make sure that the day is perfect. However, not every couple has an idea of where to start with planning their own wedding and may feel overwhelmed at times. It is for this reason that some brides may hire a wedding planner to help them plan their big day while some take up the challenge on their own with the help of friends and family. Most brides have an idea of how their wedding is going to look like to the smallest detail with the challenge being on how to execute it. Fortunately, there are various resources available online that help in making the planning of the wedding much easier for any couple. It is therefore important for a couple to sit down together and decide on the details that they would want for their wedding and communicate it to their wedding planner, if they are working with one. However, if the planning is being done by the couple then the discussions should also be about people who will help with the wedding. There are a number of planning tools that are essential for a wedding to be successful as they offer a structure on what should be done and within which time period. Some of the important tools that couples can use to make sure their wedding turns out as they envisioned include: Wedding checklist The wedding checklist is one of the most important documents in the planning of the events of the day. It contains a lot of information that will guide the activities that are to be done from now until the wedding day, on the wedding day and even after the day is over. Most of these checklists are comprehensive and include all the wedding vendors that are to be engaged to work on the day and other personal items that are needed. In addition, the checklist also highlights various appointments that need to be honoured as well as meetings with various people that will make the wedding a success. Fortunately, there are different types of wedding checklists that are available online which make it much easier to plan a wedding as couples only need to customize them to meet their needs. The budget The budget is also very important in wedding planning because it contains budget estimates that capture the various expenses of the event. The expenses are usually based on the total budget, guest and other people that will attend the wedding thus making it important to allocate funds in that area. Furthermore, having a budget helps a couple have an idea of the amount of money that they need to collect in order to have the wedding of their dreams. However, as the payments to different vendors begin to be done, the budget will always need to be updated to ensure that everything is paid for or purchased before the wedding day.