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"Thank you. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Should anyone ask us for recommendations for a videographer, we will definitely recommend you!! Kind regards, Joyce and Richard "

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The guest list Every wedding is made memorable because of the guests that attend, whether the wedding is small or big. It is therefore important for couples to create a list of their wedding guests so that they can have an idea of the number of people that they should expect to attend. The list also helps when creating a mailing list to send out wedding invitations and recording RSVPs as well so that no one is left out. For the best results, it is better to place the guests in categories to make it much easier to handle them as the wedding day approaches. The guest list will also be helpful when sending out thank-you notes after the wedding day. The wedding notebook The notebook is a special book for the couple to write down any information about the wedding that they would like to remember during the planning process. It is important to carry the notebook when visiting vendors and use it to note down a number of things that need to be done or changed. Many couples tend to forget some details that they may have wanted in the wedding as the day approaches, but if they are written down, it makes it much easier to remember. The notebook is not restricted to a literal book and pen but can be stored on electronic devices such as computers or portable devices such as tablets and smart phones among others. Important vendors when planning a wedding For a wedding to be successful, it really depends on the wedding vendors that have been selected by the couple. Therefore, it is important that a couple takes their time to find the best vendors in their local area. Some of the most important wedding vendors that a couple should consider for their wedding include: Wedding videographer – He or she is responsible for capturing the events of the day in both images and sound for the couple. It is important to book a good wedding videographer early enough so that the e final video is artistic and satisfactory. Lush Wedding films offers wedding videography services that are exceptional and captures the events of the day in great detail. Wedding photographer – Photography is also important in a wedding and should be done by a professional for satisfactory results. Book a photography early enough because they are sometimes quite busy depending on the season. Florist – This vendor is responsible for a large part of the wedding decor and should be chosen after confirming that they are reputable. Discuss the types of flowers that you want in the wedding and the arrangements as well. Cake baker – The cake is considered the focal point at the reception and should reflect the couple in terms of design and colour. Find a baker that provides cake samples and is able to bake a cake that is good both on the inside and outside.