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"We are perfectionists, and will work hard without intruding to create your perfect wedding day memories." - Lester & Natalie

Wedding Video Portfolio - Nahid & Andrew

The bride & groom said:

"Andrew and I have literally just finished watching our wedding DVD and are stunned. We are so happy with the filming, the shots are amazing and the whole feel of the day was wonderfully captured. Even the highlights part was done so well, it was as if I was watching a romantic short film! Thank you so much, it was a pleasure working with you. Nahid & Andrew "

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Wedding invitations Wedding invitations are the first glimpse that guests have of the wedding and so it is important that they reflect what the couple envisions for their big day. Most guests see invitations to a wedding as a way in which the couple communicates to them what they expect of them on their special day. It is therefore important that every aspect of the invitations be done meticulously so that they set the tone of the wedding day. It is important to have the wedding invitations ready and sent out as early as possible so as to give guests an opportunity to confirm their attendance. The invitations should be sent according to a guest list that is prepared by the couple in consultation with their families. It is important for couples to stick to the guest list so that they do not find themselves facing challenges of inviting more guests than what the venue can accommodate. However, couples should also be careful not to be forced to invite guests who they would not wish to have at their wedding. What you need to include in wedding invitations Wedding invitations are an integral part of the success of the wedding day as they are a formal way through which the couple communicates with their guests. It is therefore important that the invitations provide as much information as possible while giving the guests an opportunity to give feedback in time to make the planning of the wedding much easier. Wedding traditions in regard to invitations have evolved over the years with many couples adopting different variations that reflect their personality as a couple. However, there are some things that must be included in a wedding invitation package so that guests receive all the information they need on the wedding and they include: Response cards - These can also be referred to as RSVP cards that indicate a date by which they should be returned and an envelope with a return stamp on it. The cards allow guests to whether they will be attending the wedding or not, and if they are how many of them the couple should expect. Reception cards – These are common for weddings where the locations of the ceremony and the reception are different, and so there is need to indicate the reception location as well as the time when it will begin. Most times, the ceremony location is indicated on the RSVP card which is part of the wedding invitation package. Direction or map cards – This is a very important part of wedding invitations especially if some of the guests are travelling in from other towns. The directions on the card should be as detailed as possible to make it much easier for guests to find their way to the wedding venue. It is important to confirm the exact location of the wedding and reception venue before having the cards with the maps printed out.