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"We are perfectionists, and will work hard without intruding to create your perfect wedding day memories." - Lester & Natalie

Wedding Video Portfolio - Paul & Laura

The bride & groom said:

""We had a great experience from the service provided by Ocean 7 Productions, they were professional and prompt throughout, and the way they went about their job on our big day was faultless. We barely noticed they were there which put us at ease, but at the same time they did not miss a thing of big day. The DVD was everything we could have hoped for and will provide us with a great memory of our wedding day for years to come. We would recommend Ocean 7 Productions without hesitation to anyone. Thank you so much" Paul & Laura "

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Programs – This is a very important card as it gives the guests an idea of the events that will be taking place within the wedding day which is usually quite comforting and exciting at the same time. The reception menu can also be printed at the back of the program so that guests know what they will be eating at the wedding. Attire card – Some guests may have a challenge making a decision on which outfit to wear to the wedding, so this card helps them know what to wear depending on the preference of the couple. Furthermore, the attire card can also indicate the appropriate wedding outfits for the weather at the venue of the wedding. Hotel accommodation card – This card is very helpful as it contains information on the various accommodation options available around the wedding venue such as guesthouses, hotels among others. If possible, the cards should also have travel information for guests that include taxis, airports, and agencies for rental cars within the area. Nevertheless, a couple can include any other extra information that they would like to pass on to their guests before the wedding day as part of their wedding invitations. Tips on selecting wedding invitations Although, wedding invitations are used as a communication tool they should still reflect the personality of the couple and their wedding day as well. Some of the factors to consider when selecting invitations for the wedding include: First, it is important that the invitations match the color scheme of the wedding as a way of maintaining consistency throughout the wedding. Using similar colors for the invitations, wedding stationery and other wedding decorations will make it much easier to maintain a similar wedding theme throughout the special day. Second, the price of the wedding invitations is also very important to consider as they can be a bit expensive depending on the type of invitations that a couple would like to send out to their guests. It is important to compare the price of the invitations from one vendor to another before making a final decision. However, the quality of the invitations should be considered even when looking for the best price. Third, the design of the invitation cards is important because it reflects the style of the wedding and gives the guests an idea of what type of event to expect. Therefore, it is important that the style is a personal choice of the couple and brings out the individuality as well. Fourth, before making a final decision on the invitations, it is advisable to have two or three trusted friends look at them and proofread while giving their opinion on them. Most times, an opinion from a different person may highlight areas that need improvement for the invitations to be perfect. Finally, the decision on whether to have the wedding invitations handmade or bought from online vendors is also vital if the final outcome is to be satisfactory. Online vendors are much cheaper and help couples save time as they provide custom designs that can be downloaded and printed out as invitations.