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The bride & groom said:

"We hope you are well. Thank you so much for your amazing work on our wedding day. Your equipment looked fantastic and we are so excited Isabel & Jon "

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Wedding rings Wedding rings are seen as a symbol of the love shared between a groom and his bride, which they exchange during the wedding ceremony. The rings are available in a variety of designs as well as styles which make it much easier for couples to find the ones that reflect their personality as well as taste. Furthermore, the styles of wedding rings can be traditional as well as new ones for modern for couples that are willing to try something out of the norm. Majority of wedding rings are constructed using precious metals as well as gemstones which make them precious and valuable as well. Some of the metals used for wedding rings include gold, platinum, silver, titanium; while the gemstones on the rings can include diamond, opal, ruby, turquoise, emerald, pearl, zircon among others. Even with a wide variety of wedding rings to choose from, it is important that a couple takes time to find and select rings that they would be proud to wear throughout their married life. Types of wedding rings It is much easier for couples to find their wedding rings when they are aware of the variety that is available in different stores whether online or at jewelry stores in malls or other physical locations. There are a number of wedding rings that couples can choose from for their wedding for both the groom and bride and they include: Bridal set – This is a three-in-one wedding set that has a wedding band for the groom, engagement ring for the bride and her wedding band. Most times, the bride wears her rings together so that they are set while the groom’s ring has some features of the bride’s rings. The bridal set can be made from different metals and a variety of gemstones set in to create unique wedding rings. Plain bands – These rings are ideal for a couple that does not want flashy wedding bands that attract a lot of attention. The design of the wedding rings is plain and the material used in their construction includes tungsten, gold and platinum. However, simple design features can still be incorporated in the rings to make them unique to the couple. Wedding ring set – This is a popular type of wedding ring which can either be in form of a dual band or a triple set that is worn by the couple. The set has three rings, with one of the rings having a matching engagement ring for the bride, while a single ring is for the groom. The wedding ring set can be made from a variety of metals with the most common being gold and platinum. Diamond wedding rings – These are the most common wedding rings that many couples exchange on their wedding day because diamonds are considered to be a symbol of luxury and high quality. Most times, the bride’s ring has more diamonds than that of the groom, which may have very few or none at all.