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Steps involved in choosing wedding rings For couples to find wedding rings that symbolize their commitment and their fashion style, it is advisable that they shop together. There are many rings that are available in various jewelry stores and making a decision on which one is best may be a bit of a challenge. However, there are a number of steps a couple can follow when choosing wedding rings to ensure that the choice is one that is satisfactory to the bride and groom. • The first step is the selection of the metal band which may be platinum, yellow gold, silver, white gold, tungsten among others. Gold is a strong metal and can coordinate well with other types of metals such as platinum and silver. Furthermore, it is important to consider the amount of karats used in the construction of the wedding ring as it will dictate its overall price. • The second step is to select the gemstone that will be embedded in the metal band which for most couples is diamond. However, there other types of gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires among others that are equally beautiful that can be placed on the weddings rings. • The third step involves the selection of the wedding ring profile which is basically the shape of the ring. Some of the common profiles include rounded edge and high domed which are considered to be traditional while the flat profile which is for couples that are looking for a modern look. • The fourth step is to consider the lifestyle that the couple leads on a daily basis so that the wedding rings that are chosen will not obstruct them from participating in their daily activities. Couples that are involved in manual labor should purchase wedding rings that have hard stones or whose setting is low. • The fifth step is to find a jeweler that is reputable and has rings that are made from quality metals and gemstones. It is advisable to read through the reviews of the jeweler to find out what their previous customers say about them and more about their wedding ring collection. If possible, a couple should visit a jeweler and see what is available while asking questions on the rings as well. • Finally, an agreement on the amount to be spent on the wedding rings is an important step as it guides the couple on the types of rings that they can purchase. When the amount available for the rings is at the back of the mind of the couple they are likely to make a decision much faster. Brides can also consider matching their wedding rings with their engagement rings to make the selection easier. In this case, it is advisable to purchase the wedding ring from the same jewelery store where the engagement ring was bought. Overall, it is important for a couple to decide whether they will purchase wedding rings that match in style and design, or they will buy separate rings that display their individual tastes.