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Wedding dresses For most brides, the choice of their wedding dress can seem to be the most challenging task as they plan their wedding. There are a number of stores that sell wedding dresses of different styles and designs to brides around the world with their main objective being to make them look outstanding on their most special day. These stores can either be online where they provide catalogues of the dresses they have in the store or at bridal shops located in various malls. Furthermore, wedding dress designers are also introducing unique designs as well as styles that brides who want to try out a different look from the norm can wear on their wedding day. Nevertheless, it is important for a bride to have as much information as possible on the type of wedding dress options available to enable them make the right choice. There are a number of resources that they can use to find out more about the perfect wedding dress for their body type as well as that which will leave their groom and guests with the impression they desire. Some of the best places to start looking for ideas on wedding dresses include online bridal catalogues, bridal magazines, bridal shops, suggestions from family and friends among others. Wedding dress styles Wedding dresses are categorized in various styles to make it much easier for brides to find their dream gown that is able to accentuate their curves while hiding their unpleasant body features. Some of the well known styles of wedding dresses that brides have worn over the years include: Ball gown – This is the most ideal wedding dress for a bride that wants to achieve a fairy tale look because most of the dresses have a bodice that is fitted and attached to a full skirt. These types of wedding dresses are best for brides that are having a wedding that is considered traditional or even formal. The fabrics used to make the bodice of the ball gown wedding dresses include satin as well as chiffon which can have embroidery and beadings to make it stand out. However, the skirt is usually made of materials such as organza or even tulle which are layered to give the wedding dress a floating effect. A-Line – This wedding dress is also referred to as princess because it resembles the gowns that were worn by princesses in many royal families. It is a very popular wedding dress style that only fits the bodice while the remaining part of the dress flows to the floor thus resembling the letter “A”. The wedding dress is available in various lengths such as mid length or the cathedral length which has been worn by many dresses. The common fabrics that are used in making A-Line wedding dresses include satin as well as silks which are free flowing among others. Empire – This is one of the latest wedding dress styles that many brides are adopting because it flatters most body types. The waistline of the dress is raised so that it can sit immediately under the bust, as the rest of the gown flows to the floor. Majority of Empire wedding dresses are made from light fabric that flow easily such as chiffon which easily create a romantic feel to the dress. In addition, this type of wedding dress is versatile which is of benefit to many brides. Mermaid – This is the best dress for brides that want to showcase their hourglass figure while feeling sexy, all at one time. The wedding dress can sometimes be referred to as trumpet because it hugs most of the body and then flows out at the knees to allow the bride to easily move in it. The most common fabrics used to construct mermaid wedding dresses include satin and taffeta among others. Sheath - This is one of the simplest wedding dress styles that can be adopted by a bride because it basically runs vertically from the top part of the dress to the bottom without any flair similar to those on other dresses. The wedding dresses which are sometimes referred to as column are available in different lengths, fabrics as well as necklines which make each dress unique for every bride.