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"We are perfectionists, and will work hard without intruding to create your perfect wedding day memories." - Lester & Natalie

Wedding Video Portfolio - Sarah & Stephen

The bride & groom said:

"WOOOOW! We are so so so so pleased with the dvd!! It is the perfect record of our day and everyone who's seen it has been blown away - Steve's sis who's getting married in Cumbria next year wishes she could have you to do their wedding, but it's a little far away! I cannot recommend you highly enough: we really liked you from the first meeting and knew you would do a fantastic job. On the day, we hardly notcied you were there, which is perfect for capturing that fantastic natural footage and the messages to camera were a great addition too. We could no have ase dfor anything more from our videographer and we are so thankful to you and Natalie for everything. "

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Body types and wedding dresses Apart from the various wedding dress styles available to brides who are looking for gowns that will make them standout, it is also important that they make their selection while considering their body type as well. Brides that are aware of their body type will find it easier to select the best wedding dress for their big day from a large selection of wedding dresses. Generally, there are a number of body types that can be found amongst many brides and they include: Pear shape – This is a bride whose lower body is much heavier than the top part thus the use of the words “pear shape.” The ideal wedding dress for such brides is one that will make their body look proportionate such as ball gown, Empire and A-Line. Inverted triangle – This bride is top heavy and has a large bust, broad shoulders as well as narrow hips. The best wedding dress for this body type is an A-Line gown or even a ball gown that balances the upper as well as lower body. Apple shape – This bride has a full figure and will look good in a wedding dress that has a fitted bodice that helps define their waist and accentuate the bust area. Some of the best wedding dress styles for this body type are ball gown and Empire which flatter the body and make the bride look beautiful. Hour glass – This bride has what most people refer to as the perfect body type because they can wear almost any wedding dress style. However, fitted gowns are most preferred because they show off the curves in the body well. Rectangle shape – This bride has an athletic body where the bust as well as hips is the same size while the waist is undefined. The best wedding dress styles are mermaid, sheath, ball gown among others that will make such brides look great on their wedding day.